Stainless steel tube

หลอดเก็บตัวอย่างทำจากสแตนเลสสตีล สำหรับใช้งานร่วมกับเครื่องของ PerkinElmer,Markes และ Shimtzu

Stainless Steel Tubes for PerkinElmer, Markes and Shimatzu

1 /4 inch stainless steel ATD sorbent tubes come in 3.5” lengths and are standard for PerkinElmer, Markes and Shimatzu instruments. All internal metal parts are inert coated. COGNITM System comes standard on each tube.

Custom Features Inert coated tubes are available upon request. Cap options include compression caps (brass, steel, and PTFE) and analytical caps (brass and PTFE) for conditioned tubes. Tubes are available conditioned or unconditioned. Protective PTFE micro caps are provided when no other cap is specified.